Hello! My name is Glenn, and am a music psychologist, and avid searcher of the secrets behind the old question of "what is music". I have studied nearly every aspect of it including having played several instruments of an orchestra, to playing bass in jazz bands, playing half time shows at NBA games, studying psychology, neurosciences and physics, to where I am now. A professional mix engineer. I was taught by some great individuals who've won Grammy's and have multiple gold and platinum albums under their belt. I settled in this aspect of music because I'm sort of a middle man. I take ideas that have arisen from inspiration, pre produced, and then recorded, turn them into something sonically pleasing and get them ready to be mastered where another set of ears adds that little bit of something we all contribute to the creativity of music. Give me a chance to show you what I can provide to that inspiration you are looking to take to the next level. So send me a message if you are interested, and let's chat!