Peter Duff is a recording engineer, music producer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter with a passion for music and audio. Peter has a bachelors degree in music and recording, and has been recording and producing bands and solo artists since 2009.

His musical journey began with the trombone and saxophone in school bands in the Sacramento area where he grew up. After falling in love with electric guitar and playing in rock bands during high school, he decided to pursue music professionally and moved to southern California to study at Cal Poly Pomona. In 2014, Peter moved to San Diego where he currently works full time as a recording engineer.

Because of his experience as a performer and his formal music education, Peter understands recording from the perspective of the artist and engineer. He strives for a big sound focusing on clarity, energy, and excitement while staying true to the music and the artist’s sound and vision. Peter values and respects the privilege of being entrusted with presenting other people’s art, and loves to be able to take part in other people’s music.