I am a music producer, multi-instrumentalist and recording/mix/mastering engineer from the UK: A band member, writer and producer in the up and coming UK band, Dancing On Tables, racking up over 3 million streams on Spotify with their infectious indie pop; Skilled in Ableton, Logic Pro X and Protools, working on projects quickly and efficiently.

Based out of my home studio in central Scotland, I work remotely with artists, bands and other songwriters. I primarily specialise in Top 50 Pop, Indie, Alternative and Electronic music, however have worked across a variety of genres throughout my career so far.

PRODUCTION: Do you have the bare bones of a song? Maybe even just a verse/chorus? I can help turn your ideas into radio-ready records. Whatever your skill set or playing ability, together we can build your songs and fulfil your visions.

INSTRUMENTAL: Do you need a musician to play on your records? I am available to track electric/acoustic guitars, electric/fretless bass, keyboard/synth programming and drum sequencing. Using high quality instruments, recording equipment and other top of the range software, I can tailor parts and arrangement to your needs.

EDITING/MIXING/MASTERING: With editing, I can take your stems and get them mix ready in various DAWs; clean up your sessions; quantise your audio/MIDI, phrase correct multi-tracks, tune/comp your vocals and more. I work in the box and mix/master songs to your requirements.

Would love to hear from you, drop me an email for the contact button above!