Hi! My name is Gina Brooklyn and I’m an indie Singer/Songwriter based out of Ohio. I’ve been playing piano for 6 years, guitar for 5, and have been singing for almost 10. I am a professional songwriter, having signed a publishing-admin deal with a company named INgrooves (who is now owned by Universal Music Group) and recently acquired a second publishing-admin deal with a company named Endless Noise. I’ve placed as a Finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest twice, once in 2017 & once in 2019. l I’ve written over a hundred songs and continue to write every day. I also release songs on my own as an individual artist and have had the wonderful opportunity to write, record, produce and mix almost every single.

I am available to help mix, record simple piano & guitar accompaniment, record lead & background vocals- even harmonies, as well as give advice on song ideas/lyrics.

I work out of Logic Pro X, using the UAD Apollo Twin interface for recording, and have a Peluso P-12 microphone for recording vocals.