Gabrielle Solange is a singer/ songwriter formerly signed to Sony Records who has written, arranged, and recorded songs placed on mainstream albums, tv, movies, and video games. She has worked with a variety of industry professionals including Toby Gad (Beyonce', Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato). She is known for her uniquely creative layered harmonies and dynamic lead vocal arrangements. She can perform a very wide range of styles, languages, vocal textures, artist impressions, and accents including Growls, Opera, Youthful Pop, Raspy Soul, Scatting, Soulful Gospel, etc. The buyer owns the vocals and owes no payment for royalties once songs are released. She does request written mention of her name in the song/album credits for any product featuring her voice. For vocals performed in other languages there may be an additional fee.

We use the latest version of Logic, RODE NT2-A microphone and the scarlet 2i2 - all of the right equipment to produce a crisp, incredibly attractive demo or feature for your original song.

View her music videos on Youtube under Gabrielle Solange or listen to music here right from this Airgigs profile!