Songwriter of soft pop/soft rock & country styles, mostly ballads. Currently using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with combination of CW Sonar Platinum and Presonus Studio One Pro. I write a lot of duets and have need for male & female vocalists for leads, BGV, and chorus/harmonies. I will also contact musicians who can record better guitar or piano parts for my songs.

Vocalists: If I contact you to inquire about specifics like what voice are you (alto, soprano) and what keys you prefer the song in, or that I wish you to be careful to sound out consonants at the beginning or ending of words - I hope you don't think that I'm being too critical. It's because I have clear ideas on the sound that I want, and I also want to be sure that I can prepare and send YOU my best work in return.

I have recently discovered AirGigs and am happily exploring some really great talents here. I'm looking forward to reaching new levels in my recording efforts with such talents as you, assisting me! Thank you all, for being here! ~ John