Hi there! I’m a singer, songwriter, vocal producer, arranger and vocal coach based in Los Angeles/Las Vegas.

I’m a former major label recording artist. I was also a songwriter for Sony for many years so I’ve written and co-written lots and lots of songs. :-) I'm known for very tight vocals and smooth backgrounds. My vocal tracking is precise. My classical piano training has afforded me a very tight ear for pitch. I offer tuning with AutoTune and/or Melodyne. The AutoTune I do is not the “T-Pain” effect so if you’re looking for that, I’m sorry but that effect is not my forte.

With over a decade of vocal coaching under my belt, I understand the nuances of why vocal phrases sound good or…not so good. If you have a lead vocal track from another vocalist that is just “ok", I can probably take it up a whole skill level with just the right tweaks in my Melodyne service. I only say “probably” because there is a point where if the vocalist is just tooooo far off the mark, the vocal will begin to sound manipulated into correction and it is up to you to decide how much detection you’re ok with. I’m flexible here in that I’m willing to send you a sampling of how the manipulation is going if you want to hire me for the Melodyne service so that if you feel it is going to be too detectable, we can cancel the job without much loss of time.

Check out the several other services I offer as well as the SoundCloud link for samples of my vocals and arrangements.

Bottom line is that I want to get you a finished job that is uhMAYYYzing, because let’s be honest — “just good” is “bad" in this business. Let’s make magic!