Hey new friend :). Thanks for visiting my page. After introducing myself I'd like to get to know you as well. I'll start by saying my name is Dion White. I am a recording artist, songwriter, sound engineer, brand strategist, and promotional specialist.

I was born July 7, 1993 and grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. Besides my intense, almost obsessive dedication to music, I'm really an open-minded and relaxed person. I guess I'm like water: no definite shape or form. Feeling free and unlimited has always been my approach to life.


What sets me apart from other creatives is my versatile and adaptive style. I always aim to make you feel a song opposed to hearing it. My overall sound is described as soulful, energizing, and rejuvenating.

I often use words that trigger emotion while choosing relatable topics. For me it's important to have powerful wordplay. It's just as important to make sure what I compose actually sounds great too.


I began my music career producing beats after my mother gave me my first keyboard at age 11. I had a small old tape recorder at the time that I would experiment with. By the time I was 15 I started investing in basic recording equipment by working summer jobs and internships.

I use to spend hours on some outdated music software using a painfully slow Windows 95 desktop. Patience doesn't even describe it. It wasn't until January of 2014 that I got to release my first music project publicly. I've been eagerly learning and improving ever since.


Top notch writing
Budget friendly
Quick turnaround
Maximum effort, patience, attention to detail
Very adaptive
I make suggestions
I keep the performer’s musical ability and style in mind
Example recordings provided


I have been studying great musical compositions and developing my songwriting skills for the past 14 years
I have a bachelors degree in strategic communication (I know how to get a message across!)
Advanced writing courses under my belt
Accustomed to working with clients on singles, large projects, commercials etc.
I’ve delivered for a variety of unique clients looking for lyrics and melodies similar to those such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Justin Bieber, Drake, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Marvin Sapp, Maroon 5, Panic! At the Disco, Chainsmokers, Luke Combs…and so on.