Di is based in the united Kingdom, and has been writing songs and poems since she was 15 years old. She started recording her original songs about a year ago, and received positive feedback from people the industry. Di has gone on to write over a 100 songs since then, slowly working through to get them recorded. Di have done a fair bit of collaboration with not just song writers but singers and musicians, producers etc.
She typically write 3-5 songs a week, and writes for most genres, although she does seem to spend of most time writing pop/R&B , Modern country, Indie/pop/rock/ folk.

Her long term goal is to get her songs heard through as many channels as possible, she spends at least one day a week contacting people the music industry, the rest of the the time she is writing, recording, attending networking events. Di has attended several Song Writing Academy workshops and a songwriting boot camp to continue improve her song writing
Di loves her job as a top line song writer and is a 100% committed to achieving her goals.
Di decided to be a top line song writer full time in March 2017.