In January 2004 I got a job at Library Studios in North London (now Ignition Studios) where I was mentored by Julian Standen (producer of Lemonheads, Siouxsie Sioux, Crackout) and worked with other producers such as Ace (Skunk Anansie, Grand Oral) and Tom Stubbs (Departure, One Toy Soldier). It was here that I first got to work on Commercial Album releases, ‘Concrete Smiles at the Midnight Hospital Diner – One Toy Soldier’ and An EP by ‘The Holiday Plan’ (which also had me singing backing vocals!)

In mid 2004, a friend of mine was building a studio in Reading. He offered me a job if I helped him build it. It took just under a year to build White House Studios, where I worked as an engineer/editor for 5 years. During that time I got to work with producers Dave Allen (The Cure, The Charlatans) and Matt Bew (Reuben, 51/50’s) and a whole host of great artists (Pete & the Pirates, Scroobius Pip vs Dan LeSac, Ben Marwood, Sin Tuition, The Mentalists)
In 2009 I left the White House Studios to spend a year working as a sound engineer for Royal Caribbean International Cruises, which allowed me to see some of the world while engineering Latin bands and Caribbean styles that I hadn’t previously worked with.

When I arrived back in England I decided I wanted to build my own studio. So after some planning, I started building in May 2012. Building the studio by myself, I opened for rehearsals in September 2012, and recording in February 2013. Since then I have recorded lots of different bands and artists, from all genres, all the while upgrading the recording studio as I go. Some of our recent artists include Loving Forty Four, Noble Jacks, Deferred Sucess and Minerva Falls