An experienced musician and audio post-production engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the music and media production industry.

My specialties are:
• creating music that supports your storyline;
• professional mixing and mastering of multitrack recording sessions of any genre giving you the best possible blend & sound;
• producing quality audio that illustrates your professionalism to your audience;
• audio repair for the occasional boo-boos and glitches we all experience;
• podcast editing and processing to achieve optimal audio quality for your audience;
• sweetening & mastering your audio--music or otherwise--to make sure your message and feel comes across;
• remote piano and keyboard tracking for your single and album projects.

Services I provide:
• Music composition for broadcast, podcast and videocast themes;
• Scoring to video/film;
• Remote tracking on piano/keys for music productions;
• Live and recorded music performance;
• Mixing and mastering songs, albums, multitrack dialogue, long-form programming;
• Audio editing, repair, and processing;
• Voice Overs.