AVID Certified Professional Mixing Engineer with 10+ years experience. I have mixed verses for artists such as Jadakiss, Bilal, Hoodie Allen, and King Zeus, along with mixing albums for artists such as Skyzoo, and Torae. It is one thing to work with an artist, but its another thing to continue working with the,. which is what I strive for!

I have been working in the industry for a little over 10 years, getting my first internship with Sound Association in Manhattan. Through that studio I worked under producer !llmind and engineered sessions that he had with a handful of artists such as Hoodie Allen, FatherDude, Dave East and Smokey Robotic. Starting in early 2015, I also began engineering freelance at a studio/label in Brooklyn called Roseville Music Group, which is also owned by !llmind. Here I continued to network and started engineering with artists such as Jared Evan, Joell Ortiz, Emilio Rojas, King Zeus, Torae, and Skyzoo. I am the credited mixing Engineer for Skyzoo's album "Music For My Friends", and will be the credited mix engineer and mastering engineer for rapper Torae's album, "Entitled". Since those albums, I have engineered a majority of projects coming from these artists. Generally I can have a 1st draft mix/master back to you within 48 hours.

"Brian's greatest qualities are not only his ears, but his willingness to work with the artist/producer and makes sure both parties are happy with the final product" -FatherDude