I am an in-demand music producer based in London. I have been producing for 8 years and writing for 20 years.
I have worked with the X-Factor, Little Mix, Kelly Clarkson and produced music for major TV adverts. I also write and produce for "unsigned artists' who have the talent and drive. I previously founded two successful record labels and have many music industry connections that I can help link artists to.
My main genres are commercial pop, electronic, rock & dance. My writing is VERY commercial sounding and my productions are made in my top of the range project studio in London meaning that artists will get a radio quality recordings and songs.

I am also an in-demand session vocalist in the UK due to my unique and powerful vocals, which have been likened to Annie Lennox/Florence & The Machine. I have performed vocals on hundreds of EDM and rock tracks and I am also a session vocalist with leading company Free Vocals. My microphone is the classic Neumann U87 and a Universal Audio Apollo Pre-amp meaning that my vocal recordings are release ready quality.

Previous clients will testify that I am extremely easy to work with. I communicate quickly with my clients, take on board their feedback and have a skill for turning a client's vision into reality. I'm on the verge of making it as a big name producer/songwriter so work with me now and join me on this journey!