Andrija Gavrilović is a trumpet player, composer, arranger and producer from Serbia.
After graduating from Berklee College of Music, Andrija moved to New York, from where he works on spreading his voice to the world. He has developed his musicianship both as a classical and a jazz trumpet player performing all around the globe.
Andrija works with a team of professional musicians from Berklee that include: Vocalists, Saxophone players, Guitar players, Piano players and Drummers,
And Andrija with his team records amazing music for your needs.
His music represents a sonic canvas of musical influences from jazz, classical, contemporary and Balkan sounds.
Andrija had the opportunity to share the stage with astonishing musicians among which are: Marko Đordjevic, Tim Miller, Jullian Pollack, Tigran Hamasyan, Vadim Neselovsky, David Binney, Havier Limon, Bojan Z etc.
Andrija is the type of a musician that keeps your eyes locked in on him and does not let you forget his songs and melodies.