I play drums on country, rock, pop, tracks in Nashville. Classic country to rock to screamo and a few things in between. I have sent tracks to clients all over the US and as far as Korea and Germany. I am always set up in my personal studio and I have a wide variety of sounds to create with.

Live Drum Tracks/ Programing
Vocal Editing/ Comping
Harmony signing/ editing/ comping.

I am a Nashville based drummer/producer.
Originally from Kansas City, I got started in Nashville in 2013. Since then I have been playing, mixing, and producing music locally and on the road. I work a lot in my studio doing drum tracks for clients all over the world.
I have a variety of drums, percussion pieces, and cymbals to accommodate any song.
Most often I have some great 70s Slingerlands set up which I love. I have a full spread of snare drums. I also have a few tubs of miscellaneous percussion for all of the textural needs.
I have Apollo converters with circuit modeling of classic pre's and compressors.
I have a variety of microphones that I love as well as well as some toys here and there for cool sounds.
All work is done in Protools and generally sent out without edits unless otherwise requested.
I will often add simple percussion as well if it suits the song.