Hi! I am a doctor by profession, and music is my passion. So I'll be happy to get payed only if you are totally satisfied with my work. I have some sixteen good years of experience.
I am experienced in audio production, especially vocal processing, mixing and background track scoring.
Maybe you don't have the time or the resource to edit your voice for a song. Give yourself top notch, unbelievably realistic manual pitch correction, no matter how out of tune you sing, no matter how complex and fast the melody is ! Perfect vocal vocal timing so that your melody sits spot on atop the beats. Vocal EQ, compression, formant corrections, breath and noise attenuation, de-essing, many more vocal enhancements tailored to suit your voice! If you have any instrument track , say violin, guitar or flute, that needs correction, feel free to send that in too! Beautify your voice to make it sit perfectly atop your song. I use Pro Tools and FL studio for the works. If you need backing tracks or need mixing and mastering services feel free to contact me too!