Hello! My name is Job Rusli. I am a professional musician with 20 years of experience in playing, arranging, recording and producing. I have also been playing in various gigs with various collaboration experience with Indonesian local artists. As an experienced musician, I am confident and knowledgeable about both the aesthetics and technical aspects of creating the highest quality of music.

My mission is to help bring more beauty, and creativity from simple ideas to finished pieces of beautiful music.

I want you to be happy with my services just as I promised to offer it to you.

MY STUDIO SETUP: I work with Logic Pro 9 connected to my soundcard ( Profire 610 ). I use Yamaha digital piano P - 35, midi controller U-CONTROL UMX 61 and plugins VSTI ( Kontakt 5, Native Instruments, Spectrasonic etc ), Neumann Mics, Alesis Mk2 and Yamaha NS-10 Studio Monitor Speakers.