Hello! My name is Job Rusli. I am a professional pianist, music producer and arranger. I have produced more than a hundred songs, recording all instruments ( piano, string, brass, drums, etc ), arranging, mixing and mastering.

Below are just a few of the LPs (full-length albums) I’ve produced, check them out!

1. http://www.majalahpraise.com/album-quot;berjalan-di-atas-airquot;- marisa-981.html
2. http://www.majalahpraise.com/album-quot;pertempuran-akhirquot;- marisa-924.html
3. http://www.majalahpraise.com/album-quot;terbalik-realitaquot;-995.html
4. http://www.majalahpraise.com/album-quot;dengar-degup-cintaquot;-871.html

As an experienced pianist and arranger, I am passionate and knowledgeable about both the aesthetics and technical aspects of creating a highest quality of music.

My mission is to help bring more beauty, and creativity from simple ideas to finished pieces of beautiful music.

I want you to be happy with my services just as I promised to offer it to you. if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.