Pro Songwriting, Toplining, & Vocals for $300

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Pro Songwriting, Toplining, & Vocals for $300

Do you need topline, lyrics, and professional vocals for your song? Look no further!

My name is Harrison and I’m a singer-songwriter from NYC. I appeared on Season XV of American Idol and have since achieved over 20 million views on YouTube and TikTok, plus over five million streams on Spotify with my projects Z by Z, DUUNES & Harrison Ash. My songs have been featured on Spotify's "All New Rock" and "Fresh Finds Rock," Apple Music's "New In Rock" and "New In Alternative," and Amazon Music's “Breakthrough Alternative,” “Breakthrough Indie,” and ”Fresh Alternative" playlists. Collaborating with Billboard-charting songwriters has broadened my creative scope, crafting melodies and lyrics that resonate globally.

For $300, you'll receive:

- Melody/Topline
- Lyrics
- 1 lead vocal
- 1 lead vocal double
- 3 backup vocals/harmonies with doubles as needed
- Ad-libs
- High-quality, comped, and crisp vocals
- 2 free songwriting revisions and 2 free vocal revisions
- dry stems upon final payment

My Process

Once you send me the instrumental track. I will get started on the songwriting and send you a rough demo once the song is written. I will allow two free revisions for the songwriting. Once you are happy with the song, I will track the final vocals. I will allow two free revisions for the vocals.

My setup includes a Shure SM7B mic with a cloudlifter, and a Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface. I use Logic Pro X as my DAW.

Cancellation policy: 50% fee after job acceptance.

I ask for writing credit on melodies and lyrics I have written. No features unless we discuss them. I retain 50% of the publishing share (writers share) of the songs I write unless negotiated otherwise.

Let's bring your vision to life! Contact me via the contact me button for inquiries. I’m looking forward to collaborating!

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