Classic Catchy Songwriting for $500

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Classic Catchy Songwriting for $500

I can bring the Bonnie Raitt grit and Sheryl Crow soul to your demos and write catchy, timeless melodies with classic lyrics. High quality, professional vocals and guitar stems in my home studio. Wether you need help bringing your melodies and lyrics to the next level or need a song from scratch, I can help! For examples of all my originals, look up Ali Angel on any streaming platform to listen to my full discography out now.

  • Americana
  • Soul
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Country
  • Pop-Rock

Play Pretend - Ali Angel

Catchy and hooky uplifting retro-soul pop
  • Play Pretend - Ali Angel
  • Hideaway - Ali Angel
  • Loving You Lately - Ali Angel
  • Extra Wild - Ali Angel
  • Stone Cold - Ali Angel
  • Tell Me - Ali Angel
  • Here's to Hoping - Ali Angel

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