Your Lyrics Reviewed and Revised for $79

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Your Lyrics Reviewed and Revised for $79

Do you have song lyrics that you're not 100% happy with? Do you feel your words aren't saying quite what you want to say? We'll review and revise your lyrics so you can sing your words with confidence.

What we will deliver:

We will deliver a revised set of lyrics within 7 days, along with extensive notes on the rationale behind every change.

What we will examine:

Clarity: Is your song's central message clear? We'll highlight and revise any confusing lines to make sure your message is conveyed with clarity.

Phrasing: Are there lines that look good on paper but don't flow well when sung? Send us your demo of the song and we’ll revise the lyrics so that they're a perfect fit for your melody.

Correct Grammar: Is English not your first language? Were you more of a math person in highschool? We guarantee correct and consistent use of tenses, pronouns and more throughout the song.

Who we are:

Twin Monarch are James and Rob, two songwriters and producers from Dublin, Ireland. Between us we have over 30 years’ experience in the music industry. We have written with some of the industry's top songwriters, and have had songs recorded by UK, US, Canadian and Irish artists.

This is a revision process so you will retain 100% of the songwriting royalties.

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