Songwriting for any genre: melody, lyrics or full song for $130

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Songwriting for any genre: melody, lyrics or full song for $130

Hi, welcome to my songwriting service! My name is Roberto Festari (a.k.a. Nick Festari) and I've been in the music industry since 1986. I started writing songs at 16 when I found myself in a professional studio working for an important Italian dance label. Over 30 years I wrote around 840 songs for some international music companies (DIG-IT International, Avex-Trax, Sonic Groove, EMI-Toshiba, etc.) composing and arranging tracks also for famous Japanese bands who covered my productions. (You can check this at

and in the video on this page).

Now I’m here just to share my music passion with you, so if you are proud of the melody you’ve just written and you need lyrics that perfect fit your music, I can help you. I can write in English and Italian and if you have in mind the topic for your song please, tell me your idea and I will be happy to work on it!

Honestly, I'm not able to write lyrics for rap.

If you wrote a poem, some lyrics that deserve a great melody line, or whatever you want to turn into a great song, well, we can work together or you can send me a reference track you love so I will understand what kind of melody you wish for your lyrics.

If you need a full song from a scratch, an helping hand to finish what you already wrote or a full song from zero, I’m always here to help hoping to meet your taste.

Once the work is done and approved by you

- I’ll provide you a PDF file with lyrics written and a vocal guide recorded

- For melody or full song, I’ll provide you a piano/vocal recording of the song with a music score PDF chart and a PDF file with lyrics written.

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  • Pop-Rock
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  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Electronic
  • EDM

Shell Be Wild

Extended Version
  • Shell Be Wild
  • Youre My Love
  • Lets Stop
  • Web Kills The Radio
  • Lets Make A Song About Eurobeat
  • Mille Perche
  • Why Dont You Love Me
  • You Wanna Make Me Fly
  • Wings Of An Angel
  • The Song I wrote For You
  • Dont Throw The Dice
  • Dont Slam The Radio
  • Get Around
  • Just Want To Have Fun
  • Forever Say Goodbye
  • Tokyo Beat

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