Drill/HipHop/Trap/Dancehall for $75

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Drill/HipHop/Trap/Dancehall for $75

Need help writing/composing an amazing hip-hop rap song or catchy lyrics for your music?
Trust me, you're most likely doing the right thing! You're probably just overthinking every bar/verse/chorus or pressured to sound like someone out there(unnecessary expections).

I'm here to help you!!
As a professional BMI certified songwriter and music composer, I am not only going to be writing your song but I will also work with you throughout the entire creative process of composing your music project.
I personally believe an amazing Hip-hop/Rap song goes beyond catchy melodies, but most importantly, your ability to connect with the minds of your listeners- lyrically, harmonically and mentally.

I'm passionate about poetry and rapping.
I draw inspiration from everything and every person around me, once you start to look as any music project as a blank canvas and your world as the colors, it's almost impossible to run out of inspiration.
If you choose to work with me I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed.
I use the AKG P120 microphone, the Scarlett 3rd Generation Solo and I record my music in any DAW, though I'm quite settled on FLStudio.
I can rap in any style over any instrumental of your choice! Afro-Fusion, Pop, Hip-hop, Drill, Trap and many more

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Put Me On

A song of aspiration
  • Put Me On
  • Drill ting

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