Music for videogames, jingle, tv, movies, podcats, etc. for $95

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Music for videogames, jingle, tv, movies, podcats, etc. for $95

Do you need original music for a short film, a video game, etc? Then you are in the right direction!

Hello, I am a professional multi-instrumentalist musician, songwriter and producer. I have made music for trailers, web series, short films and I am a full time musician and producer.
I'll create custom soundscapes, environments, music, user interface sounds, menu audio, and more, like loops and tracks, for movies, video games, podcasts, and more.
I will do the composition work and translate them to my DAW where with different vsts, virtual instruments and even my recordings I will give life to those original scores.
Mixing and mastering work is also included in the service.

It is important to me that you, the customer, are satisfied with the result. For that, communication is key. I'll make sure the entire process, from ordering to finished product, is smooth and easy.

I am a true music lover and I would be delighted to help you make your projects come true, in any way possible. Even if you feel your needs are strange and difficult to identify, send me a message and we will find a way to work together on it.

The price can vary depending on the length of the song and the amount of instrumentation it carries (it can be from just a simple piano to a giant symphony orchestra with different sections of horns and strings)
Before ordering the service, contact me and tell me about your project, and I will be happy to help you!

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