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Songwriter Ghostwriter for $199

I believe music is the key in feeling every emotion and that music can heal the soul. I’m so passionate about music and I hope to help you with your project :) I’ve been performing professionally and writing piano pieces for over 20 years.

After years of experience with producers on project styles such as indie-rock, indie-pop, acoustic soul and R&B tracks, I became an official Grammy voting member and also had the opportunity to open for a Grammy nominated artist in 2013. I've been fortunate to perform at notable venues like the ShowBox and The Paramount in Seattle, Washington and I also have experience in worship music if that's what you're looking for.

The service listed is for songwriting (lyrics) for one full song. As a ghostwriter on this project, you do not need to add me to any of the credits for your music. Typically you would send an instrumental track or a general idea of how you want the song to be written. We can work together to find what works best via messaging, phone call or zoom.

If you’re interested in session vocals, keys or composing/arranging, please check out my other services.

*If you're not 100% satisfied, we can work something out with a partial refund.

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Break Away

Album: Eleven Eleven
  • Break Away

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