Vocalist/Songwriter for $100

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Vocalist/Songwriter for $100

I bring that HipHop blend to your songs. Hardcore Rap, HipHop or the trap vibe. I'll provide you with lyrics, recorded demo, raw stems too if needed, everything for just this token. I strive to build customer trust by delivering way more than what I'm paid as I believe a satisfied customer is always a returning customer.

I also provide you with RAW STEMS

HipHop songwriting gig

"Trust issues" is a song about a young guy trying to make it through life after his Dad left his mum to cater for him alone. All he's known throughout his life is pain and hardship, and most importantly, faced alot of heartbreaks from both the female counterparts and the male as well... Too many back stabbing wounds he's grown into this young strong Man. Now even starting a family of his own is difficult for him due to the fact that he's lacking trust, He believes nobody got his back, so he's all he's got.
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