Translate English Lyrics To Japanese for $50

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Translate English Lyrics To Japanese for $50

Hello! I want to translate your English song into Japanese.

I was born in Japan and lived there until I was 18 years old. I have Japanese and American parents, so I'm fluent in both languages.

Having worked professionally with both English and Japanese artists, I understand the difficulty of translating songs. I'll make sure the Japanese music will maintain its rhythmic and melodic qualities.

So this is what you'll get:

-Word / text file of the translated Japanese version of your song.
-Word / text file of the translated Romaji version of your song.
-A professional vocal track of the Japanese version.

I pride myself in being versatile with all musical genres. Take a listen to some of my demo songs to check out my writing style! I also post music on my social media pages (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) often. You can find me by searching my name (Leonard Herron).

Message me for any questions / custom offers!


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