Write your Song! for $150

In Songwriters 100% Guarantee By Julia Nash

Write your Song! for $150

Hi all!

I'm Julia- singer/songwriter based in LA. Over the last year, I've been increasing my music chops by serving as a session singer, releasing my first ep, writing with and for other artists and building connections within the music community. I love writing songs and bringing thoughts/ emotions to life!

My Gear:
DAW: Logic ProX
Scarlett Solo Interface, Mic, Studio Headphones, Shield, Filter and Pre-mixed Logic Templates

With this service, I will work with you to catch your vision for your song and build from there- I will provide up to 2 free revisions after the initial attempts.

Writing does not include background vocals, harmonies, etc- only making lyrics to a melody (basic topline) and sending over vocals.

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