Premium topline melody & lyrics for your track for $110

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Premium topline melody & lyrics for your track for $110

Hi, I’m Elina, a professional session singer-songwriter and all-around musician. I've got around 10 years experience working within the music industry as well as extensive professional music education having graduated from two reputable music schools with top grades.

I frequently work with clients all around the world providing them with premium quality toplines: melodies and lyrics. I have vast experience in writing in most Western Contemporary music styles, I can work with song references and ideas such as a song title or subject or I can effortlessly create everything from scratch to compliment your music.

Depending on your preference, for the melody I can deliver either an mp3 demo vocal track or an mp3 with (your chosen) MIDI instrument playing the melody.
Lyrics will be delivered as a PDF document.

Contact me for custom offers: I offer flexible packages with melody or lyrics only as well as a special priced package including both pro vocals & topline and I can also deliver custom made hooks for your track to make it stand out even more.

For vocal recording in my pro standard home studio I use a AKG C414 Microphone (with a pop shield and reflector), RME Babyface audio interface, Logic Pro X and Mac Book Pro 16".

I allow 2 revision with anything you're not happy with - the more detailed feedback and references you can give me, the better.

Royalty splits and buyouts to be discussed per project.

Let me know how I can help and let's take your track to the next level!

  • Pop
  • Country
  • EDM
  • Electronic
  • House
  • Musical theatre

Song/topline writing showreel

Credits: All vocal performances and towlines (melodies and lyrics) by me
  • Song/topline writing showreel
  • Ghost
  • Where Are You Now
  • I Miss You

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