Country Music Songwriter/Full Studio Production for $550

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Country Music Songwriter/Full Studio Production for $550

I am an independent country music recording artist here in Canada. I write solo, or co-write with established artists both at home and in Nashville. I own and operate my own home-based recording studio, equipped with the latest audio and computer technology as well as a proper set of ears for music production. With my song writing service you will receive one completed song with which includes drums, lead and acoustic guitars, bass and vocal tracks, lyrics and a chord/number chart, as well as a wav file audio recording. I have access to A+ (Canadian Country Music Award Winners) players for further recording if your budget permits. Also, if you have already written the music and need lyrics to be married to your music, I can do that also, and vice-versa.

I Can Fly

Song written by Joe Phillips, an awesome client from Tennessee!
  • I Can Fly

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