Pedal Steel Guitar for $100

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Adam “Ditch” Kurtz

Pedal Steel Guitar for $100

“This song is cool but it’d be a lot cooler with some pedal steel.”

That’s why you’re here. I’m a Nashville-based professional touring and recording pedal steel player (Chris Shiflett, American Aquarium, Sarah Shook and the Disarmers, Joshua Ray Walker, many others) and can record steel for you. I use a 1979 Sho-Bud Super Pro run through a 1970's silverface Fender Twin, a more classic sound, not the too-pristine lifeless steel you sometimes hear. I provide a track that I mic off the amp, leaving it mostly dry, so your mixing engineer can add as much reverby juice as you like.

Country, rock, twangy, weepy, traditional, weird, funky, ethereal, whatever you want.

For sample of my playing listen to these playlists!

  • Country
  • Rock

Work Conquers All by American Aquarium

Using same rig I use for thee
  • Work Conquers All by American Aquarium

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