Pedal Steel Guitar for $100

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Pedal Steel Guitar for $100

“This song is cool but it’d be a lot cooler with some pedal steel.”

That’s why you’re here. I’m a Nashville-based professional touring and recording pedal steel player (American Aquarium, Sarah Shook and the Disarmers, many others) and can record steel for you. I use a 1979 Sho-Bud Super Pro run through a 1970's silverface Fender Twin, a more classic sound, not the too-pristine lifeless steel you sometimes hear. I provide a track that I mic off the amp, leaving it mostly dry, so your mixing engineer can and as much reverby juice as you like.

Country, rock, twangy, weepy, traditional, weird, funky, ethereal, whatever you want.

For sample of my playing listen to the album Things Change by American Aquarium.

Work Conquers All by American Aquarium

Using same rig I use for thee
  • Work Conquers All by American Aquarium

5 Reviews

  1. Review By: wampus May 23, 2019

    Gorgeous, intuitive, melodic pedal steel. Perfect for weepy ballads, hard-luck country, and affectionate refractions of those wonderful things. Recommended!

  2. Review By: malange42 Dec 22, 2018

    The "10stringsamurai" provided a high-quality pedal steel guitar add to our tune "Country Pining". He got the gist of the song right off and provided to us a couple of quality of takes to select from. The process of providing the song to him and receiving back .wav files to insert into our project was painless and worked flawlessly. I'd strongly recommend that you consider the "10stringsamurai" (Adam) for your project. -Mark L.

  3. Review By: Grooverdog May 29, 2016

    Adam did an awesome job for me. Brought the track to life. Will use him again.

  4. Review By: JoelCase Jun 18, 2015

    Good experience... Great tone on the pedal steel. Great improvisation, will almost certainly use 10StringSamurai again!

  5. Review By: krovere5 Feb 13, 2015

    I couldn't be happier with this service. His tone is amazing and delivered in a very timely manner. Can't wait for my next tune that call for a pedal steel !