Professional acousic guitar track for your project for $65

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Professional acousic guitar track for your project for $65

I'm an experienced acoustic guitar player with 20+ years of practice in bluegrass, folk and country both as a touring and studio musician. I have played with many bands and touring projects, can read music, play by ear and build up a completely new guitar part for you. I will provide 2–3 different tracks to choose from depending on your requirements (simple and straightforward/fancy, flatpick/fingerstyle, steel/nylon strings, strandard/open tuning/using a capo, rosewood/mahogany guitar). I run a small studio using a professional gear (AudioTechnica/Rode/AKG mics, Roland audio interface, Cubase DAW). I'm well experienced in editing so I can provide various adjustments in the revised version or record another track according to your requirements. You can expect top quality ambience-free audio tracks, perfect timing and tuning, fast response and helpful behavior.

Flatpig #2

Original composition from my solo CD
  • Flatpig #2
  • The Best Thing In My Life
  • Bukit Batok
  • Twenty Miles To Memphis

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