Electric guitar solos, fills, rhythm, textures, and all “the works” from experienced session player. for $85

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Electric guitar solos, fills, rhythm, textures, and all “the works” from experienced session player. for $85

Hello. I'm Justin Lewis, based in Lafayette, Louisiana. Thank you for your interest in my services. With about 30 years of studio experience and live performance in Rock, Country, Blues, Funk, Americana, Pop, Metal, Cajun, Zydeco, Folk, Latin, Tejano, Experimental, and Instrumental genres, it would be my honor to help you take your songs to the next level and help you achieve musical success. I refer to my service as "the works". I include full guitar production by covering every possible sound, melody, lead, fill, ambience, slide, acoustic, or feedback if the song calls for it. If my name is on an album, you can bet that I put 1000% of my effort into it. I treat everyone's music as if it were my own by giving the best performance I possibly can. I take every session very seriously as if it were my last. Please check out my Soundcloud page for samples. I can give you as many guitar tracks as you want (1-30), because all songs are different and require a variety of parts. I have 16 amps ranging from sparkling clean to super heavy and from vintage to modern. 26 guitars include Teles, Strats, Les Pauls, PRS's, Ibanez, Jackson, Yamaha, and Taylor. Too much equipment to list individually, but I record with it all depending on what tone I'm trying to achieve. I use Studio One, Neve preamp, two Rivera MiniRock Rec cab clones, MXL V69, SM57, and Sennheiser 609.
I currently play guitar for the band Vidalia, David St. Romain, Durwood, Rougaroux, plus several other groups that play rock, country, alternative, R&B, funk, and blues. I also earned a B.A. in music in 1998. I've recorded in some of the finest, state-of-the-art studios around and shared stages in some of the largest venues and festivals in world, including Wembley Arena, with numerous Grammy winning and platinum selling artists, such as: Kix Brooks, Hunter Hayes, T. Graham Brown, John Schneider, Jo-El Sonnier, Wayne Toups, Delbert McClinton, Sammy Kershaw, and producer/engineer, Tony Daigle, who has won 6 Grammy's and 20 nominations. I still do sessions for Daigle on a regular basis.

Soon You'll Be Gone - Barry King

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  • Soon You'll Be Gone - Barry King
  • Vidalia album sample

58 Reviews

  1. Review By: emmjdd Apr 20, 2019

    Not the first but the 5th time I get Justin to record guitars for me. He's become my preferred guitarist as he's taken my album to the next level.

    Best one on airgigs!

  2. Review By: MRey Mar 31, 2019

    Justin you're top Notch. Thank you for another great Electric Guitar session. ~ Michael Rey

  3. Review By: DezM Mar 28, 2019

    Justin Lewis is an outstanding guitarist of extraordinary talent. I highly recommend him for your project. Thank you Justin Lewis for your outstanding effort and genuine dedication to my project.

  4. Review By: Johnnyflash66 Mar 25, 2019

    AWESOME SERVICE A1 5 STAR - Hey Justin just nailed it and took the whole song to a new exciting level of bad ass Rock n Roll,
    Get Justin playing on your tracks or I will personally haunt you when I am dead : )

  5. Review By: benjy93l Mar 22, 2019

    This man absolutely made my track. Enthusiastic, talented, passionate, compassionate, responsible, patient, and very skilled. Use him on your track!

  6. Review By: GraySkyMusic Mar 8, 2019

    Justin pulled through for me again! Great work and super fast, and the best attitude.
    Gave me the tracks I needed plus some. Always enjoy working with him.

  7. Review By: Sher1963 Feb 6, 2019

    About Justin,
    This would be my 3rd project and 3rd review. What can I say that I haven't said already.....
    "Musical Genius".. he doesn't like that one. He's a humble guy.
    Dedicated... "that's how he rolls" in his own words.
    If you want someone to come up with ideas that you didn't even know you had...
    and a person that responds almost immediately to your requests and correspondence this is your man!
    Thanks again so much Justin,
    Sherry Hensley

  8. Review By: Sher1963 Feb 5, 2019

    Receiving stems from Justin is like opening a Christmas package full of all these new untasted treats! So unique and they just bring so much originality to your song.
    Thanks Justin!
    Sherry Hensley

  9. Review By: Johnnyflash66 Jan 20, 2019

    AAA +++ fast turnaround and a great geezer, cant wait to have a beer and a BBQ with him sometime : )

  10. Review By: skent53 Jan 12, 2019

    Justin is a great guitarist. He will go all out for you on any project you send his way. He truly cares about your song and loves doing it. Justin sent me a wide array of takes to choose from, combine, cut and paste, etc. I am fully satisfied and you will be, too!

  11. Review By: emmjdd Jan 6, 2019

    Justin simply took my song to another dimension. I trusted him based on his experience and he went far beyond my expectations. Reason why I got him to record my next song right away. Highly recommended!

  12. Review By: DezM Jan 6, 2019

    Justin Lewis is a guitarist of immense musical knowledge and a wide range of talent. He made my first experience with AirGigs go smoothly. He is punctual and able to handle my requests. He has a genuine concern for my projects, he gives me more than I expect, and is available for any additional needs. For these reasons I wanted him on my next project. If you get a chance to work with Justin, I highly recommend him. Best Regards, DezM

  13. Review By: Sher1963 Dec 27, 2018

    All you have to do is read the start of Justin's profile greeting. The is what made me go no further. He has the greatest personality and you automatically feel you have made a new friend. He gave me so many choices and the response time was unbelievable. Amazing talent and yet humble. Thanks Justin for all the time you spent on my song! Can't wait to do another one!
    Sherry Hensley

  14. Review By: GraySkyMusic Nov 9, 2018

    This was my first gig with Justin, and I must say I am very impressed. He was very professional, VERY quick, gave me tracks that I needed and more. Great sounds, and he embraced the song as if it were his own. I highly recommend! Will be calling on him again.

  15. Review By: MRey Nov 4, 2018

    Justin Lewis has done it again!! Excellent guitar work on a very tough project. He's your man folks. If you need great guitar, great ideas, great recording, great playing. Order him today!!
    Thanks again Justin. ~ Michael Rey

  16. Review By: DezM Oct 9, 2018

    Justin Lewis is a top notch professional guitarist of superb talent. It was a pleasure to work with him and I highly recommend him. He was accessible, punctual, and helpful in my first AirGigs experience. I am looking forward to working with him again soon.

  17. Review By: MRey Sep 25, 2018

    Once Justin, you've done it!! I truly appreciate your acute attention to detail. It truly shows in your work. Another job well done. Folks, if you're not using JUSTIN LEWIS. You're taking unnecessary risks, and and not getting the guitar work your song truly deserves. Order him to day. No I'm not an advertisement. I'm a realist. My songs need the best work to stand a chance of placement. ~ Michael Rey

  18. Review By: DavidW Sep 20, 2018

    Justin, you are absolutely awesome.

  19. Review By: MRey Sep 12, 2018

    Professional, determined, focused. Great guitar tone, great playing, Justin Lewis, he's your guitarist.
    Many thanks Justin.
    ~ Michael Rey - Nashville Songwriter

  20. Review By: DavidW Sep 6, 2018


  21. Review By: crossatlantic Aug 31, 2018

    Justin delivered the tracks incredibly quickly and did really great work. Plus he's really easy to work with, and was willing to make whatever updates were needed to get the tracks sounding perfect.

  22. Review By: DavidW Aug 30, 2018

    Its always a pleasure.

  23. Review By: Johnnyflash66 Aug 23, 2018

    Awesone player Great fast turnaround . Excellent communication and general goodness . Also get to see pictures of his bubbling gumbo and hoMe bbq MMMMMMMMM. . AAA +

  24. Review By: Jagger1 Aug 13, 2018

    Another great experience with Justin. He’s an amazing musician and always goes over and above to provide an excellent service. We’ve done a whole album with him now. He’s just the best

  25. Review By: DavidW Aug 10, 2018

    Working with Justin is a true pleasure. Excellence in every respect.

  26. Review By: MRey Jul 31, 2018

    Yet, once again. He's done it y'all. Justin, "YOU'RE A BEAST!!". Thank you for the awesome skills and quick delivery.

  27. Review By: gismo Jul 23, 2018

    It's a joy working with Justin. He's truly an artist/musician, who really is professional and at the
    same time personable. I love what he did on my project. His instincts just not technical skill
    brought the sound I had to hear. It showed me his passion and commitment to getting it right.

  28. Review By: OBSongs Jul 18, 2018

    Justin is a first class guitarist, very prompt and helpful. I will definitely use his services again.

  29. Review By: Bazza Jun 26, 2018

    As always, top notch!!

  30. Review By: MRey Jun 15, 2018

    Justin Lewis, once again you have gone far above my expectations. Fellow songwriters and musicians. Please, if you have not used Justin Lewis. You are missing out. Try him out today.

    Justin, I personally thank you for a job very well done.

    ~ Michael Rey

  31. Review By: MRey Apr 19, 2018

    Justin is the "BOMB" folks. Get him or lose out. It's your choice. He's the best "POUND FOR POUND" guitar player around. Thank you Justin!!

  32. Review By: Bazza Mar 6, 2018

    Thank you so much Justin for this fanstastic and so quickly available works of art. Your textures have brought so much to the songs and what would Tom Petty been without his heartbreakers is like what would I be without my boys down in Lafeyette!
    We may have a rap on this Album but looking forward to working together in the future. Cheers Bro!

  33. Review By: Bazza Mar 6, 2018

    I originally thought my guitar work was enough for this song... How wrong I was!! Another massive upgrade!

  34. Review By: Bazza Mar 6, 2018

    Once again amazing performance from a top musician!

  35. Review By: Bazza Mar 1, 2018

    If I may use the term.. one word .. Badass!!

  36. Review By: Jagger1 Feb 24, 2018

    Working with Justin is a pleasure. He just gets it. Great Musician, epic communication skills. I'd give him 10 stars if I could.

  37. Review By: Bazza Feb 24, 2018

    Thank you so much Bro, your work in putting a more refined face and texture to these songs!
    Once again 5 Stars !!

  38. Review By: Bazza Feb 23, 2018

    Once again amazing work. 5 stars does not do Justin's work justice!!
    He knows intuitively what the songs needs and am honoured to have in on my album!

  39. Review By: Bazza Feb 20, 2018

    Thanks Bro I am honored you are on board.

  40. Review By: Bazza Feb 18, 2018

    One word..
    Thank you so much Justin

  41. Review By: mexikowski Feb 9, 2018

    great to work with - great musician

  42. Review By: Jagger1 Feb 9, 2018

    Another great experience. Totally committed to giving his clients the VERY best. First class communication skills too. Highly recommended

  43. Review By: Johnnyflash66 Jan 18, 2018

    Again thanks for the great work and help with my song Justin . Fast turnaround and TOTAL commitment . Highly recommended player

  44. Review By: MRey Jan 9, 2018

    Wow!!! Another EXCEPTIONAL job Justin!! What else can I say that I haven't written in my previous reviews Airggers? This man is phenomenal. If this man isn't on your EP or full length CD you're cutting yourself short. Thank you Justin, for another job well done beyond the level of my expectations.

    Here's to the next song. CHEERS!!

    ~ Michael Rey

  45. Review By: Johnnyflash66 Jan 7, 2018

    Top player and really puts in an A + effort to the songs ,,,highly recommended

  46. Review By: MRey Jan 4, 2018

    Once again he's done it Folks. If Justin isn't on your song, you're missing out. THANK YOU JUSTIN FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!

  47. Review By: MRey Dec 27, 2017

    Another great session Justin!!! Thank you. If y'all gonna have guitar on your song. You NEED Justin.

  48. Review By: Johnnyflash66 Dec 21, 2017

    10 outta 5 awesome geezer and great guitar player highly recommended

  49. Review By: MRey Dec 12, 2017

    First and foremost, there are two things that separate this man and his guitar from the rest of the pack here on Airgigs.
    1: He has a surreal amount of talent when it comes to his guitar. If you don't want cliche' chops and original guitar licks, he's your man. He is an Innovator, not a replicator. These 2 qualities alone, are why you should have Justin playing on your song.
    2: He has an extreme work ethic. He will go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to happy with your song.

  50. Review By: Jagger1 Nov 26, 2017

    Amazing. This is the second time we have worked with Justin and it won't be the last. He is inspired and creative, as well as being an excellent musician. Always delivers. The best Axe player on this site!!

  51. Review By: Jagger1 Nov 2, 2017

    Justin is an amazing musician. Quite simply, if you have a musical idea, Justin will make it better. Very creative and easy to communicate with. The service was delivered ahead of time and was top quality both sonically and musically. This is a guy who cares about the final product and only wants you to have the best. Highly recommended!!!