Sweet to Gritty Guitar Tracks for $150

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Alex Labrie

Sweet to Gritty Guitar Tracks for $150

Hi, I’m Alex. I’m offering electric and acoustic guitar tracks for your tune.
20+ experience, Berklee alumn, currently guitarist in Nashville, TN.
I’ve had the pleasure of playing at one point or another on stage with Albert Lee, Johnny Hiland, Daniel Donato, Zane Carney, Patrick Sweaney, Phoebe Bridgers & Jessie James Decker amongst others. Currently touring guitarist for Waylon Payne and Jeverson Ramirez.
I attempt everything from a ‘producer’s’ mindset and use my ears to come up with tasteful parts to elevate your song.

If your tune needs it I can provide:
Lead guitar (hooks, ad lib, solo, slide)
Rhythm guitar (electric, acoustic)

These will be sent to you as high quality wav audio stems.

Styles I specialize in are:
Soul/Funk, Outlaw Country/Americana, Rock, Blues, Jazz

I use Logic along with plugins/hardware from UAD, Waves, Soundtoys etc. I own many pedals and several old tube amps and a handful of microphones.
I own a combination of new and vintage guitars. Basic guitar flavors include:

Telecaster, Stratocaster, Gibson SG, Coodercaster, 1960’s Stella and Alamo Guitars. 1965 Gretsch 6120 w bigsby, 1956 Gibson LG1, 1953 Gibson es125 strung w/ flatwounds, Breedlove OOO acoustic, mandolin, lapsteel.

I’m open for communication, it’s important for me to know what you envision for your song. I strive for the right parts specifically for your tune. I will deliver you more tracks than you’ll likely need, allowing you to pick and design your own production.
Thanks for checking out my page and please don’t hesitate to reach out!


  • Hard Rock
  • Jazz
  • Funk
  • Americana

WD - Country Vibe

Old School Country Vibe w a twist
  • WD - Country Vibe
  • Funk (Excerpt)
  • Django’s Tiger
  • Rock (Excerpt)

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