Session Guitarist // Will make your songs sound like a radio ready record for $80

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Session Guitarist // Will make your songs sound like a radio ready record for $80

Hi, thanks for visiting me here! My name is Erik Himel, touring & studio guitarist based in LA. I've recorded/toured with Russia's biggest pop/rock band Mumiy Troll for 3 years, Interscope Records artist Cloves, Ultra Records artist JES, Ace is High, Matt Sorum with producers Keefus Ciancia, Michael Harris (Grammy Award Winning Producer) and Richard Robson to name a few.

I've studied with the top session players in LA and guarantee all of my work 100%!

"Erik has a unique playing style coupled with a vibrant imagination that makes him an incredible musician to work with. His committed work ethic and understanding of the big picture of your project make him a great team member with a talent that shines."
- JES (songwriter/musician, Ultra Records/Intoneation Records)

"I take great pride in recommending Erik Himel for sessions and music production work. He's the ideal combination of new ideas, musicality, great guitar chops, sounds, parts, and vibe. Recently I put him up for a record date with producer/drummer/songwriter/Rock N' Roll Hall of Famer Matt Sorum. Erik went to the date without previously hearing the music and ended up playing on more than twice the tracks he was called for. I know I can send Erik to the date and it will be great."
- Paul iLL (songwriter/musician, 24 million sold as bassist, 4.5 million sold as songwriter)

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