Professional electric guitar parts for your track for $75

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Alfie Amadeus Mole

Professional electric guitar parts for your track for $75

I'm offering my services as a session guitarist with over 15 years of playing experience. In terms of playing style, traditionally I'm a blues/rock/funk player, however, after working extensively with lofi producers online (due partly to lack of gigs due to recent events...) I now specialise in lofi/ambient/groove-based guitar loops.

So if you need some authentic instruments on your track to get it onto that fabled Lofi Homework Girl Youtube playlist, get in touch!

Primarily, I record using my trusty Fender Telecaster FSR plugged into my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface, and I use Neural DSP Archetype amp sims. I find that this often produces the best sound and is much easier to work with. For some tracks, a mic and guitar amp/pedals is the better option, so for these instances, I record through a Fender Pro Junior amp with a Shure SM57 beta microphone and professional standard guitar pedals (Ibanez TS9, Electro Harmonix Memory Man Delay/ Holy Grail Reverb, etc. Get in touch if you want to learn more – I am very happy to nerd out about guitar pedals ;)). If you prefer acoustic guitar for your beat, I also offer this service. I use a Furch guitar, and Rode M5 Condenser microphones.

I'm well versed in genres ranging from rock, to blues, to country, to funk. This service is ideal for beatmakers who perhaps don't play an instrument but need some authentic instrumentation on their track. Get in touch and bring that fizzy, warbly, saturated analogue synth beat to life!

Lofi slide guitar melody

  • Lofi slide guitar melody
  • Slide guitar harmonies
  • Fingerpicked guitar, slide guitar
  • Improvised guitar sample, flipped and laid over a lofi beat

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