Session Guitarist creativity and great tone for $70

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Session Guitarist creativity and great tone for $70

Hi, my name is Juan Ordonez, I’m a profesional session guitarist, arranger, teacher and Youtuber (some videos with 2M views). I’ve worked with some of the best well-known bands/artists and producers from Latin America like: Alberto Plaza, Adrián Barilari, Guillermo Vadalá, Jota Morelli, David Bolzoni, Kiki Troia, Daniel Poli, and with Latin Grammy award winning producer Juan Blas Caballero, Oscar “Chino” Asencio, Claudio Herrera, just to name a few...
Besides I studied Professional Guitaris in the Berklee International Network college of music in Buenos Aires and later on I studied in the Buenos Aires School of Music [EMBA], obtaining the degrees Sound and Recording Technician and Professional (Music) Producer.

- Record acoustic, electric and nylon guitars and/or ukelele for your demo/song/album for S70.

I think the most important aptitudes in a session musician are the compromise and responsibility, the creativity, great tone and experience, and the capacity to read what the song and the client need. I`ve been working as a session musician for more than 15 years and all my clients have felt satisfied because I take it seriously and with passion.
We can use any of my guitars:
-Fender American Elite Stratocaster
-Gibson Les Paul Standard
-Ibanez JEM 555
-Breedlove Oregon Concerto (Acoustic guitar)
-Taylor 210 (Acoustic guitar)
-Antigua Casa Nuñez Concerto Especial (Nylon guitar)
My gear also includes top line amps and effects!

I`m used to work with short times, so if you need your track in 48hrs, you can count on me!
I charge the same ($70) for record as many guitars as the song need, doesn`t matter if it need electric and/or acoustic and/or nylon and/or ukelele.

I also record bass, I charge $50 per song. Please don´t hesitate to ask.

Looking forward to collaborate with you on your next project soon!!

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  • Pop
  • Blues
  • Funk
  • Latin

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