guitar tracks for your songs! for $75

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guitar tracks for your songs! for $75

Yair Mayzlish is a guitarist, bassist, writer and producer who has called Tel aviv,
Israel home since 1990.

For this service, I'll record all of the guitar tracks for one single. I try to shoot for between 6 and 8 total tracks, but depending on your wishes and what the song calls for, there could be slightly more. I allow a maximum of 3 revisions/edits after the first takes are sent your way.

I'm fully equipped to record guitars not just at home, but on the road as well with my top-of-the-line Universal Audio, Fractal Audio Systems, and Eventide gear. I have several different guitars at my disposal for a wide variety of tones, and plenty of amps and effects. Besides touring for several years, I've been honing my craft at recording since 2008. As a graduate of Rimon University's Commercial Music degree, I can read sheet music, Nashville number charts, and any other standard charting method.
Yair started playing professionally at age 16 at a blues clubs and in weddings and played in the IDF band as a excellent guitar player. At 23,Yair started his master degree in general performance in Rimon college Mean while Yair also started to produce music albums for artists in different genres.
You can be sure that Yair will do every thing he can that your's song and guitar parts will be perfect!
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