Intuitive Acoustic Guitar Parts for $100

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Intuitive Acoustic Guitar Parts for $100

Solid acoustic guitar tracks can be the driving force in a song or a subtle texture that glues the rest of the song together. In this gig I will give that strong and steady acoustic part your song needs, rhythm and or lead.

My name is Josh Morrison. And I am a Nashville based musician with over 15 years experience performing in multiple genres both live as well as recording. I am comfortable in most of those genres especially country, bluegrass, rock, and pop.

What kind of tracks can I provide you? I will provide a simple rhythm or lead track if thats what you require. However, upon request I will also provide up to a total of 4 different parts for your song. As an example, a rhythm and a double, with a higher capoed rhythm and its double. Or perhaps, A rhythm and its double plus 2 arpeggiated nylon string texture tracks.

What about capturing the sounds? I typically record my acoustic guitars with Octava MK012 (in mono or a pare of them for stereo) or an Audio-Technica AT8022 XY microphone. If you prefer more of a dynamic mic approach I also have Shure SM57s and an Electra Voice RE15 as well. I will work with you on up to 3 revisions to make sure you are satisfied. I will bounce out the tracks as WAV files in what ever way fits your work flow the best, as stereo tracks or mono. I will leave the tracks unprocessed (no EQ or compression) so that you have as much control over the sound as you can.

Some of my acoustic influences are: Chet Atkins, Tony Rice, Days of the New, Doc Watson, Vertical Horizon, Jerry Reed, and Django Reinhardt..
Notable credits include: Co-producer and acoustic guitar on Mark Stoffel's latest release, Coffee & Cake on Mountain Home Records.

I look forward to working with you and creating great music for the world to enjoy.

Josh MOrrison, Acoustic Guitar Demo Reel

Acoustic Reel
  • Josh MOrrison, Acoustic Guitar Demo Reel

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