Pedal Steel Guitar for $100

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Dakota Holden

Pedal Steel Guitar for $100

-Message me to confirm turnaround time and custom orders that best fit your project.

My name is Dakota Holden and I play the pedal steel and electric guitar. I love recording remotely for folks I otherwise wouldn't have the chance to work with. I want to bring your song and vision to life, so feel free reach out. As a steel guitar player, I am comfortable and proficient in the Country and Americana genres, but as musician I pursue the instrument as unique layer that can be performed and tweaked to any genre.

I play a Mullen G2 and record with various mics and amplifiers that best fit the needs for each project.

If you hire me for your next project, I will send you two stems. A stereo wet stem with all the effects and processing I think is appropriate, and a dry mono stem for your complete mixing control.

Please feel free to message for any questions or send me your song. Lets get to work!

  • Country
  • Americana
  • Folk
  • Swing

Ballad Solo

Here is sample solo on a ballad track.
  • Ballad Solo
  • Country Solo
  • Electronic Track

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