Guitars professionally recorded for $75

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Guitars professionally recorded for $75

I'm a UK based session musician with over a decade of experience in live performance and studio work working alongside variety of musicians ranging from members of Van Morrison, Jamiroquai, and Two Door Cinema Club. I own my own recording studio, so as well as having extensive experience in recording, I also have access to a wide range of gear and a proper live room.

If you have a specific parts, sound or style in mind for your track, I'll be able to provide that for you. If you have a more vague idea about what you want, I can use my experience to create parts appropriate to you track.

When you're totally happy with the guitar parts, I'll give you the stem files, fully edited and ready to drop into your song.

Electric Guitars:
Suhr S3
Suhr S4
PRS Custom 24
Yamaha SG 1000S
Ibanez Artcore Custom AF125(hollow body)
Maverick F3
Chapman ML-1

Acoustic guitars:
Faith FVHG
Stonebridge GS-22-SR
Godin A6

Cornford MK50
Cordford Roundhouse 30
Victory Count
Mesa Dual Rectifier
Orange Dual Terror
Blackstar Artisan 15
Blackstar HT5
Custom Tones Ethos Overdrive

Fully equipped recording studio
Mac Pro
RME Fireface
Logic 9 and X
Extensive Mic collection

Ted Zed, Astro Physics, The Flip Flays, The Flirtelles, Jenna Bennett, Bruce LOK, Freedom Zoom Records, MCE Music.

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