Guitar Rhythm or Lead for one song for $30

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Guitar Rhythm or Lead for one song for $30

Hey! My name is Pat! I have been playing electric guitar for about 15 years now, mainly in the style of rock, and metal. I can play most styles of this, from blues, pop, rock, punk, hard rock, and all different kinds of metal. I can play rhythm and lead work. All you have to do is give me an idea of your song, and I will be able to do the rest!

I am starting this out at only $30 for now to build up a portfolio, it seems that is fairly reasonable compared to some that are charging over $150 for similar projects. The price may vary depending on the scope of work that is needed (extra long tracks, multiple guitar parts, different sounds/layers, real amp recording, etc. may be more) and I can make custom order offers for any type of work, no matter how large or small and my prices stay reasonable. Generally custom orders are between $30 and $50 total. I will make every effort to get your tracks done in less than a week, depending on the scope of work and my queue!

I have a Kemper Profiler, for direct recording, so I can get just about any tone you could want under the sun with accuracy and consitency, and I have about 15 guitars with different pickup configurations to hit whatever sound you may be looking for. As far as "real" amps go I have access to a Roland JC120, a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Egnater Vengeance, and Peavey XXX, with a wide variety of dynamic and condenser mics to choose from. I may charge a little more if you want the real amps due to the time it takes to setup/mic/EQ etc. This being said, most customers cant tell the difference between my Kemper tracks and recorded amp tracks. I mainly record in Logic Pro X, and can export to .wav files I upload through dropbox.

For every song, I record 2-4 tracks of panned rhythm guitar for a powerful, doubled, stereo sound.

If you are looking for a guitar solo, this gig is good for about 30-50 seconds worth of lead work, so an average length guitar solo. If you need more than that, please message me and we can come to an agreement on price based on the length, style, and complexity you are looking for.

Depending on my work queue, rush jobs may be accepted as well, and pricing can be discussed on an as needed basis. I look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your project!

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