guitar overdubs (1 song) for $50

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Jonathan Wyndham

guitar overdubs (1 song) for $50

Quick turnaround!

guitars on your song, up to 8 tracks of layers (If it needs more we can work that out too!)

acoustic, electric, baritone, resonator, slide, anything you need!
Apogee converters, protools 2018

ALL the waves & sound toys plugins

all the right gear for the tracks
amps: Kemper, matchless, fender, supro, and a couple nashville boutique options
guitars: fender Strats and teles, Gibson les pauls (1959 VOS & 56 jr reissue), danelectro 1952 reissue baritone, gibson acoustics, larrivee D-9 acoustic, PRS DGT, and a few pawn shop slide wonders.


Shure mics

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