Studio Guitar and Bass Tracks for $75

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Studio Guitar and Bass Tracks for $75

Hi there,

I am a professional guitar player based in Nashville, TN. When not touring with the artists listed below, I do guitar tracking for clients in Nashville studios as well as online. I have experience tracking guitar as well as bass and utility instruments such as banjo and resonator. All my tracks are created carefully and tastefully with the song in mind. I also edit and pocket all my tracks giving your song excellent timing and feel. Please see pricing below. You can also purchase multiple gigs at once if you would like both electric and acoustic or both acoustic and bass etc. Feel free to message with any questions.

electric guitars: $50 (1 gig)
acoustic guitars: $50 (1 gig)
bass: $50 (1 gig)
utility instruments: $50 (1gig)

Associated Acts:
Seth Alley (Big Machine Records) (Sony ATV)
Kelleigh Bannen (Universal Records)
Jenny Simmons (Addison Road)
Adam James (3 Ring Circus Music)
The Shuggah Pies (3 Ring Circus Music)
Kelsey K (independent)
Elizabeth Lyons (independent)
Bryce Merritt (independent)

links to live videos:

Gear List:
56' Gibson Custom Les Paul VOS gold top (p90's)
63' Gibson Custom es335
Gibson Les Paul studio
Vintage 70's Fender Telecaster
Custom Fender "Ratcaster" with PAF
Vintage Alvarez Yairi Acoustic
Republic Resonator
Gibson Banjo
Fender Jazz Bass

Matchless Clubman and ESD 2X12 Cab
Fender Blackface Deluxe
Suhr 1X12 Cab
Fathead 2 Ribbon Mic
(Upgraded Lundahl Tran)
Shure SM57
Macbook Pro
Apollo Twin Interface
UAD plugins and Unison Tech
Logic Pro X

59 Reviews

  1. Review By: xtremeshot Apr 10, 2019

    awesome!!! what a fun song Ben made it magical ... thanks Ben!!!!

  2. Review By: xtremeshot Mar 30, 2019

    a "nice" acoustic mexican style song ben made it fun and ripped it up love it love it love!

  3. Review By: xtremeshot Mar 8, 2019

    so cool...i love it!!!

  4. Review By: xtremeshot Sep 4, 2018

    i sent ben a fun rock song and i gave specific orders to... RIP IT UP! it came back SHREDDED TO PIECES !!! the leads are outstanding!!! thank you Ben...

  5. Review By: xtremeshot Aug 7, 2018

    Awesome!!! what can i say.....Ben is the best!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT

  6. Review By: xtremeshot Mar 31, 2018

    Mr five star airgig pro master machine...!!!

  7. Review By: lrmusic Jan 21, 2018

    Ben is a true talent, he doesn't only "add" guitars, he understand dynamics and detailed directions of a project producer/ director. I hope he will provide his guitars for my tracks for a long time and that we won't lose him on the Airgigs platform, he's the BEST! Absolutely GRATEFUL that he provided his services for my songs. Thank you, Ben!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  8. Review By: Jacob Oct 21, 2017

    Excellent work!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  9. Review By: TShevory Oct 5, 2017

    Ben is a great guitarist. He's done tracks for nine of my songs, and I feel very lucky to have found someone of his caliber to work with.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  10. Review By: TShevory Sep 29, 2017

    Great track.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  11. Review By: TShevory Sep 29, 2017


    - This review was for a custom proposal
  12. Review By: TShevory Sep 29, 2017

    More great tracks from Ben.

  13. Review By: lrmusic Sep 28, 2017

    Absolutely Amazing. I feel so blessed to have found such a great musician that is so professional, talented, skilled, great at communicating and available on Airgigs!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  14. Review By: lrmusic Sep 25, 2017

    Bravo! Ben's main instrument isn't the ukulele but he managed to track a very clean and fun ukulele track for me. Bravo!

  15. Review By: TShevory Sep 19, 2017

    Ben has given me a number of great tracks. He's easy to work with and he's quick at turning things around. Couldn't be happier.

  16. Review By: TShevory Sep 14, 2017

    Charles again gave me three great tracks to choose from. I liked them all, but loved the active ones, reminiscent of John Entwhistle or Phil Lesh , the best.

  17. Review By: TShevory Sep 14, 2017

    Another great set of tracks from Ben. Couldn't be happier.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  18. Review By: TShevory Aug 27, 2017

    Ben has done several songs for me. He consistently does a great job. I highly recommend him.

  19. Review By: lrmusic Aug 23, 2017

    Nice Bass Line!

  20. Review By: TShevory Jul 19, 2017

    I couldn't be happier with the tracks that Ben has done for me.

  21. Review By: TShevory Jul 14, 2017

    Ben is a great guitarist, and he will give you several options for integrating into your song. He's also very fast on the turnaround. Great experience all the way around.

  22. Review By: rurich Jun 22, 2017

    Great sounding tracks. Quick turnaround, easy to work with. I would highly recommend!!

  23. Review By: JROnline Apr 30, 2017

    Great to work with as always.

  24. Review By: JROnline Apr 15, 2017

    Great to work with. Very quick and sounds great!

  25. Review By: jonx Apr 2, 2017

    great player and listener-gave me lots of great tracks!

  26. Review By: lrmusic Feb 25, 2017

    Such a great guitarist. Second song he did guitars for me. I had to do a small revision on one of the guitar tracks and he did it very quickly and came up with even better tones and part. Really excellent!

  27. Review By: jblack1204 Jan 29, 2017

    Awesome acoustic work!! Ben really got a feel for the song and style. Very professional and quickly done. Thank you!

  28. Review By: lrmusic Jan 28, 2017

    Excellent guitars, fast delivery, easy to work with, he followed my detailed directions perfectly and came up with what the song REALLY needed I am very happy and am going to hire him again for my next song.

  29. Review By: cailowe Jan 20, 2017

    Awesome job! Very talented artist! Fast work too.

  30. Review By: dcate3 Jan 19, 2017

    Five Star

  31. Review By: dcate3 Jan 15, 2017

    This dude is beyond talented

  32. Review By: KellyC Dec 12, 2016

    Good part, added a banjo track that fit well in the mix.

  33. Review By: dcate3 Nov 20, 2016

    Super quick turnaround! This dude does amazing work

  34. Review By: dcate3 Oct 23, 2016

    Amazing work better than I expected!

  35. Review By: carolinesings Oct 5, 2016

    Amazing version of this song. Top professional, 5 stars, highly recommended Airgigs musician. Always delivers excellence!

  36. Review By: lozbo Aug 2, 2016

    the perfect parts for the song once again that have elevated everything else. real thought, care, craft and skill. highly recommended.

  37. Review By: marcelovaquera Jun 4, 2016

    Superb service, very polite and understanding,

    the service was done very fast and without any issue whatsoever. The guitar tracks were delivered by dropbox in wav format with 100% synchronization, no technical glitches and the execution and guitar sound very clean and professionally done with a nice tone.

    Would definitely recommend and hire again.

  38. Review By: lozbo May 10, 2016

    Perfect. Class playing - real thought and care has gone into this. Highly recommended.

  39. Review By: vladb May 9, 2016

  40. Review By: Carolinemusic Mar 18, 2016

    Absolutely flawless, just what I wanted. A-star musician. Will definitely use again.

  41. Review By: Carolinemusic Mar 18, 2016

    Absolutely flawless, just what I wanted. A-star musician. Will definitely use again.

  42. Review By: ipad Mar 16, 2016

    very happy great service thank you

  43. Review By: ipad Mar 13, 2016

    great service very happy with my track

  44. Review By: xtremeshot Mar 2, 2016

    five stars!!!! lots of fun!!! pro all the way!!!

  45. Review By: xtremeshot Feb 25, 2016


  46. Review By: vikings22 Feb 20, 2016

    Again perfect,Ben is just the will not find better.Atrue talent thanks again my friend,,

  47. Review By: vikings22 Feb 16, 2016

    Ben is totally the best,i can not say enough about the man.pure talent ,really nice and helpful.i hope he considers me his friend because it is hard to find people as nice and trustworthy as Ben is.thank you again...

  48. Review By: vikings22 Feb 13, 2016

    Perfect again ,just flawless.You can not ask for more.Ben is just super talented.If you want fantastic guitars tracks hes your guy.Thanks again

  49. Review By: xtremeshot Feb 12, 2016

    Love it!!!

  50. Review By: xtremeshot Feb 12, 2016

    Love it!!! awesome!!! good work!!!

  51. Review By: vikings22 Feb 11, 2016

    WOW..perfect every just can't get a better talent like Ben..hes reading my mind.flawless performance every single time..thanks friend.

  52. Review By: xtremeshot Feb 9, 2016


  53. Review By: xtremeshot Feb 9, 2016

    took the song to another all the can't go wrong with old ben...just kidding.... i don't know how old ben is... but....his playing is like a seasoned it... awesome thank you Ben!!!!!!

  54. Review By: vikings22 Feb 9, 2016

    Ben your just to talented . I can't say enough about how professional you are,You are the best thanks again..Wayne

  55. Review By: MartinS Feb 9, 2016

    Great banjoplayer! Fast delivery, great taste and skills. Recommend him any time.

  56. Review By: vikings22 Feb 8, 2016

    Ben is perfect every time,nails it perfectly.I'm telling you he is the best.Thanks again Ben I couldn't do it with out you...thanks Wayne

  57. Review By: vikings22 Feb 3, 2016

    Perfect as always..Ben is the best there is.I wish i have his talent..Thank You again for all you've done Ben.Your Friend Wayne

  58. Review By: vikings22 Jan 19, 2016

    Ben is the best..I don't know what else I can say..Truly the best.His talent is second to none..thanks my friend..Wayne

  59. Review By: Frank Jan 3, 2016

    Hi Ben:
    Great job with these tracks. !. Thanks for capturing the right sense and spirit of the song. Cheers.!

  60. Review By: StephenSchriner Oct 23, 2015

    Second time working with him! Fast turn around great quality! Over all I would highly recommend.

  61. Review By: vikings22 Sep 18, 2015

    Wow ..again and again,Ben is just flawless.does more than expected.Ben really cares about your music..what can I say ..he's the best...thanks again ...Wayne

  62. Review By: vikings22 Sep 18, 2015

    Ben is just fantastic,i can't imagine finishing any of my music without him.he is a pure talent.there are just not enough words to say about how pleased I am with every track he's done..thanks again Ben your the best...Wayne

  63. Review By: vikings22 Sep 11, 2015

    What can i say...unbelievable.Ben is just that good,went out of his way to master this song.flawless tracks and flawless does not get better than this..One of the nicest guys i've ever had the pleasure working with.I still can't believe how talented he is.he is surely a jem for this site.

  64. Review By: vikings22 Sep 11, 2015

    Ben is fantastic.i could not ask for more,he went out of his way and did a bunch of extra tracks just to make sure i had enough material.his bass playing skills are unbelievable.Ben is also one of the nicest guys i've ever worked with..been a pleasure .thanks again wayne

  65. Review By: StephenSchriner Aug 28, 2015

    Such a pleasure to work with, fast delivery! My new go to for bass guitar tracks!