Record a Guitar Track for $75

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Record a Guitar Track for $75

I have over 10 years experience in the industry both on stage and in the studio and I have worked with many fantastic artists in that time. I am fluent in all genres and I am also happy to compose a part to suit your song.

I own a large collection of vintage and modern guitars, amps and pedals as well as the latest cutting edge studio amp modelers. I can achieve any sound you want for your recording.

All tracks will be provided to you in the format you request and I can even provide a totally clean DI guitar if you require so that you can re-amp it and process it yourself if needed.

Get in touch for more information and for a full gear list. I'm looking forward to hearing about your project and telling you what I can bring to the table.

Forever Vendetta - Come Alive

  • Forever Vendetta - Come Alive

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