Professional Custom Guitar Tracks (Electric or Acoustic) for $80

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Professional Custom Guitar Tracks (Electric or Acoustic) for $80

I am guitarist/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter based in Nashville, TN with 10+ years of professional live and studio experience. I have been in and recorded for bands ranging from singer/songwriter, indie/alternative, blues, funk, R&B, pop/rock, country, CCM, and cover bands. My personal style is characterized by texture, melody, and creativity. I really take pride in going above and beyond to deliver the feel you want in your guitar tracks, whether it is something unique or in the style of another guitarist. I have a band member approach when it comes to making music, honest, easy to communicate with, and really just want to be involved with helping to make your project the best it can be!

(Please contact before booking to check availability.)

A few influential guitarists:
David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, Tim Pierce, Prince, Catfish Collins, Daniel Lanois, Dave Grissom, Nile Rodgers, Mike Campbell, Jimmy Page, Hendrix, Robbie Macintosh, Gary Shider, Edge

Recording process:
All tracks recorded through a Universal Audio Apollo, UA 610B pre-amp or API Vision pre-amp.

Number of tracks delivered:
I’ll record any combination of appropriate rhythm, acoustic, lead, and textures. Please be respectful of my fair pricing and don’t take advantage of my willingness to please by asking for an outrageous number of tracks. For reference, most songs I do are anywhere from 2-6 guitar tracks…just depends on the style/vibe and how much space in the song needs to be filled by guitar.
Electric Guitars:
Duesenberg Fullerton TV
Gretsch 6118 Anniversary
Fender Telecaster Deluxe
Fender Standard Telecaster
Reverend Sensai RT
Gibson J-45
Fender Hellcat
Ibanez Artwood (high strung Nashville tuning)
Epiphone Mandobird electric mandolin
Gretsch 6-string lap steel guitar
Fender Jazz Bass
Crowther Hotcake, Timmy overdrive, DMB Stellar Drive, DMB Spankenstein, Xotic Effects RC Booster, Line 6 M9, Various Eventide (Time, Pitch, Mod, Space)
1967 Fender Pro Reverb
Vox AC30 Hand-wired
Vox AC4
Divided by 13 cab w/Celestion Blue speakers
Kemper Profiling Amp (Divided by 13, Marshall, Morgan, Orange, Matchless, ect)

(Please contact before booking to check availability.)

Various Pop/Rock/Country Projects

  • Various Pop/Rock/Country Projects

28 Reviews

  1. Review By: TimJ May 23, 2018


    Great work just what was wanted. Many thanks Tim

  2. Review By: dariushenry Apr 7, 2018

    Clean tracks great work!!!

  3. Review By: chuckiewuckiemusic Feb 13, 2018

    Great guitarist and excellent playing. I look forward to working with again!

  4. Review By: isagyeman1 Oct 4, 2017

    Great guitar player. Will use again.

  5. Review By: AronM Mar 26, 2017

    Great work! Fast turnaround!

  6. Review By: theartofchante Jun 15, 2016

    I am very pleased with the work provided. Great communication and delivered on expectations.

  7. Review By: aschmaltz91 Jun 5, 2016

    Nate's the man! If you're ever looking to add some really dope guitar to your music, look no further.

  8. Review By: royosherove Mar 16, 2016

    Very responsive and great to work with. Good execution.

  9. Review By: kastokes Mar 11, 2016

    Nate strives to deliver his very best and always does. Always a pleasure and highly recommended!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  10. Review By: kastokes Feb 11, 2016

    Nate is always bringing his A-game to my productions. Highly recommended if you want a quick job done right the first time.

  11. Review By: IanRio Feb 1, 2016

    Pro sound, fast delivery, efficient session player!

  12. Review By: Sucrepop Dec 2, 2015

    compliance date, Pristine sound, really good playing, and a bonus track. Nate was at the rendez-vous

  13. Review By: IamLegendbeatz Oct 6, 2015

    Always special when we collaborate bro. I'll keep them coming

  14. Review By: IamLegendbeatz Sep 29, 2015

    My go to for guitar!!! Hands down the best I have had the pleasure of working with. I will definitely be working with you again

  15. Review By: elementsoflife Sep 16, 2015

    Highly recommend working with Nate. He get's it first time and is a pleasure to work with. Don't hesitate. A+ 5*

  16. Review By: elementsoflife Aug 18, 2015

    Excellent. Perfect first time. A real pleasure working with Nate. Highly recommend 5*.

  17. Review By: elementsoflife Jul 15, 2015

    This is the fourth time I have used Nate's services. He is excellent, very fast with great communication. A++ Do not hesitate. One of the best.

  18. Review By: elementsoflife Jul 2, 2015

    Excellent. Fantastic communication, great playing and recording. Great experience working with Nate.

  19. Review By: elementsoflife Jun 16, 2015

    Excellent very fast work and exactly what I was looking for. Will not hesitate to use Nate again.

  20. Review By: korg1975 Jun 15, 2015

    Talented guitarist.

  21. Review By: kastokes Jun 1, 2015

    This guy is the real deal. Completely knocked it out of the park... and provided super fast delivery. Really a pleasure to work with and highly recommended!

  22. Review By: akmorado Apr 22, 2015

    Very good Guitarist...Awesome job : ) Thank you