3 total guitar parts (2 acoustic and 1 electric) for $100

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3 total guitar parts (2 acoustic and 1 electric) for $100

I have recorded guitar on over 250 albums mainly in country music and also do my own instrumental guitar CD's. I have been on tracks with The Moffatts, Rex Allen Jr, Boxcar Willie, Mel Tillis, The Osmonds, and many more.
I played lead guitar for The Osmonds for 6 years and have just recently gotten off the road with The Texas Tenors. I won lead guitarist of the year 3 years in a row in Branson, Mo. I have my own line of guitar instructional DVD's on the market. I also teach guitar at a college in Missouri.
I am endorsed by Taylor Guitars, and Ernie Ball Strings. I've been profiled or featured in 'Guitar Player', 'Acoustic Guitar' and Taylor's 'Wood & Steel' magazines.
I use my Roland 2400 CD recording unit with a couple of different mic's including the AKG XLII 414.

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  1. Review By: GrammyAwards1 Feb 14, 2018

    I had the privilege of working with Mike McAdoo, one of the best session guitarists and multi-style specialist. Humble and always listening, before, during and after his work. I recommend this professional musician.
    Graham Anna

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