Podcast/Spoken Word/Speech editing per 60 min for $35

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Podcast/Spoken Word/Speech editing per 60 min for $35

Over 17 years in music, 10 years of recording, and countless time editing music and audio. I can take your Podcast (or any audio) to the next level. Recorded poorly? Too quiet? Coughs, burps, thumps, breathes, farts? I can fix help improve all these issues.

You know the most important part of any podcast is the quality of the audio. Poor quality means people won't be engaged and won't want to return episode after episode.

-I'll remove sounds that shouldn't be there.
-I will EQ and Compress to make everything feel cohesive and intelligible.
-Add your intro and outro, or help create one for you for an additional fee.

I can deliver in MP3 or WAV format and we can have 2 round of revisions to make sure we nail the mix!

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