Backing vocals, harmonies, hooks for $20

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Backing vocals, harmonies, hooks for $20

I will sing backing vocals / harmonies / hooks on your track. I started performing at the age of 7 and I have provided vocals for more than 30 recordings (mostly EDM, house, pop, latin, reggae). My voice range is of a tenor (roughly Michael Jackson's scale), starting from E3 up to F5 in chest voice, A4 to G5 in mix voice, A4 to B5 in whistle register (or falsetto), which I can also use in the style of a counter-tenor. My gear is: Ableton Live 9 full version, Native Instruments Kontakt full version, Focusrite Scarlett 2, Audio-technica headphone, SE X1 microphone, Se Electronix reflection filter and pop filter.

Harmonies demo

Choir of three voices.
  • Harmonies demo

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