Powerhouse Edgy Female Vocals - Rock Metal Pop Funk Blues Alternative Jazz and More for $150

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Powerhouse Edgy Female Vocals - Rock Metal Pop Funk Blues Alternative Jazz and More for $150

Looking for powerful vocals and melodies for your song? Do you have it written already and you need the vocals to really stand out with some edge, or power? Then I'm your vocalist!

I am a singer with more than 16 years of experience recording sessions for musicians all over the world. I provide top-notch female vocals, with a POWERFUL RANGE and unique tone, while adding SOUL, PASSION and DYNAMIC to your music. From POWER-BELTED top-lines, to SOFT FALSETTO chilled vocals, I can provide a DIVERSE element that will help your music STAND OUT.

Attention to detail and following your directions are my priority. I've worked in the industry in genres from Pop, EDM, Hardstyle to Rock, Alternative, Metal, Jazz, Funk & Classical.

Check out my sound: www.thevoiceofleeloo.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYDCLJPjZhHzMvS8Z2V_DCQ

All songs are recorded with professional studio equipment in an acoustically treated studio. I am available for remote work as I live in BARCELONA, or I can also travel for the right project.

I will NEED:

-Lyrics sheet
-Backing instrumental track without vocals
-Music with vocal melody guide
-Any directions you have for me - I love attention to detail!

You will RECEIVE:
- all lead, harmonies and backing vocals sang and/or written by me - for 1 song - up to 4 minutes in length
- 1 mp3 scratch track for review
- 1 overall edit included to polish the final cut
- 1 zip file - with clean .wav file stems rendered at 32 bit 48 khz
- 1 lyric sheet
- all rights released to you (contracts are available upon request)

*any additional edits with be a separate charge
*double tracking is added at my discretion, but not included on every track, unless requested and any additional stacks will be a small fee

**Need me to write your lyrics or come up with a vocal melody? No problem! Check out my full-song service!

For me, communication is key, so please feel free to send me a message, ask any questions you may have.

Thanks and have a fantastic day!

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  • Creep
  • Jazz/Funk Tracks
  • Movie/TV/Video Game Tracks
  • No Time To Die

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