Female Lead Vocals for Any Genre for $129

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Female Lead Vocals for Any Genre for $129

When searching for lead vocals, you need someone to connect with the emotion of the message and deliver it so your audience connects with your message. You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve worked with Grammy-winning artists, producers and musicians for years, and I’ve learned key techniques to elevate your song to the next level.

I offer a collaborative approach where you can make changes as we go. You won’t need to spend days worrying about how it will turn out and whether you’ll like it. You can be as involved as you want from the very beginning! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced pro, I can work with you where you are.

Please note: This gig is for lead vocals ONLY (no harmonies included). This is designed for simple or quick gigs to get your song finished faster! If you'd like harmonies only or the full package, I have separate gigs for those as well.


- Vocals recorded on high-quality studio gear in a soundproof environment
- A completely clean, edited and tuned vocal, ready to drop right into your session for mixing
- Collaboration and communication on your song throughout the process
- A vocalist with years of performing, technical and music industry experience
- An emotive vocal tailored specifically to your song’s needs
- Full rights to the vocals (I will sign a Work For Hire agreement if needed)!


"What if I’m not sure what I need in a lead vocal?"

No problem! This is where I excel and I love helping to shape the song’s identity. I can analyze your song, give you my opinions on what it needs, and we can go from there.

"What if I’m not happy with the result?"

I work with you from the beginning to ensure this won't happen. I provide regular updates and progress reports so you know what's happening!

"What is your singing style?"

My voice is commonly used for ambient music, folk, pop, jazz, psychedelic rock, experimental, country and blues. However, I absolutely love working on all genres, so feel free to send what you have and I’ll see what I can do!

Ballad Reel

It is SO important to have an emotive singer for a ballad! Here are some samples of work I’ve done for previous clients.
  • Ballad Reel
  • Country Reel
  • Jazz Reel
  • Writing Reel
  • Pop/EDM Reel
  • Acoustic Reel
  • Cover Reel
  • Harmony Reel
  • Soul Reel
  • Rock Reel

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